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Welcome to the S & A Women's Promotions showcase for upcoming events.  Stop to review some of the SAWP events and take a peek at our photo gallery.  


Review some of SAWPs highlights at recent  events.  It is all about sharing and encouraging love and and empathy, which is a key element of what SAWP wants to do.


So if you have an event coming up, contact us and we'll be pleased to help promote on your behalf.


If YOU have a story you'd like to share, the SAWP platform  awaits you!!



Please contact the SAWP team at sawomenspromotions@gmail.com for more information and a copy of the SAWP Ethical Promotion Criteria & Submission Form.  

SAWP 2019: What's In Store...

SAWP Hope Dream Believe 2019 Conference: A Personal Touch (Feb/Mar 2019)


SAWP Summer Events 


Esther's HeartBeat (EHB) Launch 


SAWP Christmas Reflections December 2019