S & A Women's Promotions

A Platform for Women's Voices

Shalisa Anthony, SAWP Founder & Director

Alison Agard, SAWP Facilitator & EHB Director

Our Platform awaits YOUR story!

In Celebration of Int'l Women's Day ... and beyond!

Welcome to S & A Women's Promotions (SAWP)


S&A Women’s Promotions (SAWP): A Platform for Women’s Voices is the fulfilment of a lifelong passion and dream to set up an organisation (SAWP) to empower ordinary women with an extraordinary story to share aspects of their life experiences, dreams, visions and achievements.


SAWP is passionate about seeing women develop, grow and be empowered to become the best they can be. We recognise it's a lifelong process and SAWP is pleased to be a part of YOUR journey.


SAWP ethos is to provide a platform for women's voices.

SAWP mission is to embrace, promote and facilitate women from all colours and creeds, to step up and share their stories, from the SAWP Platform for Women's Voices

SAWP aim is to empower ordinary women with an extraordinary story to share aspects of their life experiences

SAWP objectives are to inspire, motivate and encourage other women along their own life journey to recognise that their story can help others like themselves.


THE PERSONAL TOUCH.   Event information to follow.



To be a platform from which “ordinary women with extraordinary stories” can share their story


To reach out and embrace all women, irrespective of who, where and how they are


To form solid and effective partnerships with like-minded organisations


To facilitate SAWP meetings where women feel "safe to share" in a warm, friendly and confidential environment


To embrace, empower and support - without judgement or criticism - so women can grow and develop


To expand and promote the SAWP concept, nationally and internationally


To be a channel through which God can minister to and impact on all women, regardless of race, colour, gender and orientation

S & A Women's Promotion Presentation

The SAWP video is an open invitation for “Ordinary Women with Extraordinary Stories” to share THEIR story to encourage, inspire & empower others. We facilitate & work with you to present YOUR story on the SAWP Platform for Women’s Voices. Contact us for more information.

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